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Fujifilm X70 in Peru: Cusco

After a tremendous amount of self-imposed gear anxiety, I decided to leave the X-T1 and various lenses at home and packed only the diminutive Fujifilm X70 to cover my photography needs, real and imaginary, during my nine days in Peru.

Before I move on to the pictures I have to give kudos to James at Peru for Less, who helped put together the following itinerary with seamless transportation, small group tours, and better than expected accommodations in each location:

Day 1 Arrival to Lima Day
Day 2 Arrival to Cusco
Day 3 Cusco City Tour
Day 4 Sacred Valley Tour
Day 5 Machu Picchu Tour
Day 6 Machu Picchu Free Day
Day 7 Arrival to Puno
Day 8 Lake Titicaca Tour
Day 9 Departure from Puno

I have no hesitation recommending PFL for anyone that wants to travel around Peru without anxiety or doubt and would rather have adventures than misadventures.

During the next few posts about Peru, I am not going to write many words about the trip, my experiences, or my time with my son; that is reserved for my memories.

I am also not going to write much about the Fujifilm X70 except to say I was grateful that it was the only gear I took. I truly appreciated the compactness and capability the X70 afforded. After I loaded up my Domke F-803 with the X70, a couple of water bottles and other necessities for a day of hiking and exploring, I still had extra space and minimized the weight. I left all the gearing up to the other tourists with DSLRs with Canon or Nikon logos prominently featured on their camera straps.

Cusco Accommodation: Hostal Mallqui

Loved it!

Cusco Free Time and Poking Around

Cusco Tour and Vicinity

In summary, Cusco = Cool!

(all pictures were taken with the Fujifilm X70)

Part 1: Fujifilm X70 in Peru: Cusco

Part 2: Fujifilm X70 in Peru: The Sacred Valley

Part 3: Fujifilm X70 in Peru: Machu Picchu

Part 4: Fujifilm X70 in Peru: Lake Titicaca