Through my photography, I seek quiet and balance which I try and capture in my images. With camera and lens, I explore my home state of Rhode Island with its rich history, diverse communities. Photography has been my incentive to explore New England and the world as I take and share a record of amazing places, people, and events.

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Check out my Gallery and Shop if you are interested in seeing more of my photography. Contact me if you wish to purchase any of my images for home or commercial use. Besides images of trips to Iceland, Ireland, the UK, Peru, Canada, and across the United States, my images concentrate on New England and my home state of Rhode Island. Beginning in my Cranston neighborhood my images focus on Edgewood, Pawtuxet Village, Gaspee, and Providence and extend to all the marvelous nooks and crannies that make up Rhode Island.


In my Blog I post articles about my travels, photographic techniques, and gear reviews. I am thoroughly obsessed with Fujifilm cameras and equipment. My approach to photography is slow, deliberate, and contemplative. There is something about the Fujifilm aesthetic, its classically inspired looks and tactile controls, that speaks to my creative spirit.


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You can Work with Me for small weddings, engagements, candids, events, real estate, and product photography. My approach is to stay out of the way as much as possible as I quietly observe and capture locations, record people interacting, or events as they unfold…naturally.

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Let’s connect via Instagram. Even though photography for me is a time to be alone and observe and reflect, I enjoy being part of the larger community as we share our images and support each other.


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