Images on my blog or Instagram are available through my shop for purchase as high-resolution digital files. The private or home rate is $25 for a high-resolution image you can print for display from any photo lab of your choice in any size or aspect that suits your needs. Commercial rates are $100 for a single-use image license which can be applied towards prints of any size, website, brochures, or promotional advertising.

  1. From my Gallery below, record the date and/or image caption, or view my gallery in Instagram.
  2. Either email the caption/date directly to [email protected] or DM me in Instagram.
  3. I will send you a larger file(s) for your review along with a total and my PayPal and Venmo accounts.
  4. If you decide to purchase using one of these means, I will then send you a high-resolution image which you can then upload to your online print company of choice, or image and digital license.

Images posted to my Instagram within the past year were taken with a 50MB medium format camera and will support extreme cropping and/or enlargements.

Also, let me know if you are looking for a specific location, theme, pallet, or style and I will put together an album to help you visualize and choose. Albums can include Rhode Island towns and communities, New England, travel, coastline, forests, industrial, fine art black and white, minimalist, historical, and more.