Michael St. Jean Photography - Providence Rhode Island River in the Winter

Providence River Walk in Winter

The cancellation of travel plans during COVID had at least one positive effect; I was forced to re-explore and re-discover my own state. Just as Rhode Islanders often brag to people from other parts of the county about how close our state is to Boston and New York, even though we rarely go to Boston and New York, my house is minutes from Providence, yet I rarely go to Providence. Providence for me has mostly been a place that must be passed through on my way to and from work, often sitting in traffic on Route 95.

COVID travel bans was a game-changer forcing me to look for new places to walk and take pictures instead of dreaming dreamy dreams far away exotic places. Getting out of the car and walking changed my perspective of the city. Instead of seeing Providence from the car as an annoying jumble of traffic and construction, on foot Providence became a place of history, art, and beauty.

Michael St. Jean Photography - Providence Rhode Island River in the Winter

This winter I found what became my favorite Sunday walking route. I park down by the Hot Club (along Tockwotten Street) and walk a circle that takes me under the Route 195 bridges where a classic tugboat fleet docks and waits to guide ships along Narragansett Bay, then I walk past the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, and the amazing architecture of the Manchester Street Power Station.

Heading north and crossing Point Street, I follow the park hugging the Providence River. Here I typically stop along the new Providence River Pedestrian Bridge to take in the panoramic views of the Downtown Providence skyline to the north and the classic industrial buildings of the Jewelry District to the south.

Continuing North to Memorial Park, I again admire the views of the Downtown on the left and the historic buildings of the East Side on the right. I’ll cross one of the bridges and head south along the opposite side of the river, taking in more views of the river and city. Crossing the Point Street Bridge, I walk back to my car. Perhaps one day, post COVID, I’ll stop into one of the restaurants and bars at the end of my walk for an adult beverage.

All images were taken with a Fujifilm GFX50S camera with the GF30mm or the GF63mm lenses.

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