Pomham Light, Rhode Island, Long Exposure, Thank you Peerspace

Thank You Peerspace!

In May 2021 Peerspace Magazine published an article entitled The 8 Best Landscape Photographers in Providence. I was surprised and honored to have been selected, and I deeply appreciate the recognition given me and the other area photographers highlighted. Thank you Peerspace!

The entire article can be found at https://www.peerspace.com/resources/landscape-photographers-providence/

Below is an excerpt:

1. Michael St. Jean

Pomham Light, Rhode Island, Long Exposure, Thank you Peerspace

Providence landscape photographer Michael St. Jean attributes his fixation on photography to his father, who gave him his first camera right before a trip abroad to the UK. While he also shoots architecture, real estate, and other genres, travel and landscapes remain his artistic passion. Michael’s landscapes have a subdued, moody element to them that’s especially evident looking at his black and white photography.

Shadows are allowed to add a sense of tranquility and aloneness that’s rare in the typically vibrant world of landscape images. And his eye for subtle lighting conditions is what informs Michael’s pastel-tinted skies. Coupled with his preference for long exposures of the water, large expanses of his images have a smooth texture. And this smoothness offers an excellent contrast to the more rugged stone and wood elements in the frame.