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X-Pro2, Pimp My Ride

I’ve developed an unhealthy fondness for my X-Pro2. Sometimes I just look at it and admire it from different angles. Sometimes while watching TV I hold the camera in my hands, navigate the menus, press the buttons, and fire off a few frames…just because. Now I’ve gone over the edge, and started playing dress-up with my camera and accessorizing.

Some accessorizing is practical, such as the Expert Shield camera screen protector. The picture below shows the back of my X-Pro2 with the screen protector installed. It took me about a minute to clean the LCD, peal the back off screen protector, lay it in place and smooth it out. Perfect fit with no bubbles! Now I need to get another for my X-T20.

Fujifilm XPro2 Screen Protector


The next accessory is also practical(ish). In an earlier blog post I compared the Meike and the Powerextra X-Pro2 hand grips. In my opinion the Meike was better built but too chunky and the Powerextra was the right size and shape, almost identical to the Fujifilm grip, but was only loosely aligned to the the camera body, leaving a distracting gap between the grip and body.

Since I was playing dress-up with the camera, I ordered the designer label item. While significantly more expensive than the third party offerings, the Fujifilm MHG-XPRO2 Hand Grip looks and fits and the X-Pro2 perfectly and feels the best.

Fujifilm XPro2

And finally for a cosmetic touch, I purchased a soft shutter release. I have a modern-looking red soft shutter release on my X-T20. For the X-Pro2, I purchased a wooden release. In my opinion the wood grain release against the black metal of the camera body enhances the camera’s classic styling.  
Fujifilm XPro2

Put together the X-Pro2 with hand grip, wood shutter release, a Gordy Leather Strap with the XF27mm and vented hood mounted, you get that oldey-timey-yet-cool-“I am Batman”-vibe when out and about with the camera.

Fujifilm XPro2
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