Rhode Island Coast Photography Fujifilm
55-200mm,  Fujifilm,  Providence,  Rhode Island,  X-T1

A Cure for Photo Fatigue

I have not posted to the blog since I returned from the Peru trip my son. I think Peru broke me. With all the preparation and mental energies spent trying to anticipate the right gear for the right photographic situations so as not to spoil the trip of a lifetime, and then afterward, all the image sorting and processing and posting, I began to suffer from photo fatigue.

I haven’t posted to Flickr since the summer.  I can count on one hand the times I’ve wanted to grab the camera and just to head out and shoot. Except for some snaps around work with the X70 for Facebook posts, I haven’t really taken many pictures.

Until today.

My daughter came home from college in Boston for the Thanksgiving weekend. She is taking a photography class and is enjoying it so much that she is considering a minor in photography. She has a photo project due and was considering “ports and boats” as a theme. Photo Dad was more than willing to help!

I like the discipline of shooting for the day with one camera and one lens. I grabbed my X-T1 and chose the Fujinon 55-200.

My daughter grabbed her Nikon, which as a Fuji fanboy is a tremendous disappointment. I sent her to college with my Fujifilm X-E1 and 27mm lens. Her photography professor wanted her to learn on a system similar to all the other students, so my daughter had to use one of the college’s Nikon D3100s with 18-55 zoom. Sigh.

This morning, father and daughter, Fuji and Nikon, headed out to visit the ports and marinas around Providence.

I really enjoyed the morning spent with my daughter shooting and talking. I had always wished my children would share my enthusiasm for photography except, at least until now, neither was interested in anything more then taking casual snaps with their mobile phones. Sharing the morning and images with my daughter was truly a happy experience. More days like this and my photo fatigue will be cured.

I have no idea how her pictures came out. For her class she has to shoot RAW, process in Photoshop on a Mac back in the design lab, and print her images. Meanwhile I set my X-T1 to Classic Chrome (NR -2, HT -1, ST +1, Color -2, SH +1), transferred the jpgs to an Android tablet and tweaked a few things in Snapseed. Done! Here, at least, are my pics from the day:

(All images were taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujinon XF 55-200)